Material I’ve Enjoyed


  • Algorithm Design Manual (Skiena)
    • Get ready to know more about algorithms then ever before! With a great section on dynamic programming, interesting war stories, and a zoo of different algorithms at the back this is a great reference.
  • Continuous Delivery (Humbley & Farley)
  • Effective Modern C++ (Scott Meyers)
    • Excellent introduction to the modern features of C++ (C++ 11/14). Includes topics such as: a discussion of R/L Values, there references, and contemplating overloading with them; modern memory management with pointers, asynchronous and concurrent programming with futures. Definitely worth a read for any C++ fan!
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions (Hohpe, Wolfe)
    • After becoming a developer I kept seeing different designed patterns mentioned but never really knew what each one was. After talking to my manager I was sent to this book. It really is your one stop shop for battle tested patterns. If you work on high scale integration solutions, read this!
  • Practical Common Lisp
    • I’m a Lisp dev, on a team of Lisp devs. This book has an honored place on each of our desks. Every-time I open it up I learn something.
  • Let Over Lambda
    • Truly a gem of a book. A book on how to use the power of Lisp macros and why popular opinion on macros hampers their effectiveness. Definitely not an intro book though!
  • Rest In Practice
    • This is the book I used for an intro into REST API when I was first hired at Newmarket. The example that goes throughout the book makes it easy to tell whats going on, and the advice is good. If you are well versed in REST this won’t be for you, but for the novice programmer this will be helpful.


  • The Codeless Code
    • This blog is a story written in Koan form about software engineering. It discusses software development, team and personal interactions in engaging story form. It’s a great read, I would highly suggest. If you do, start from the beginning and work your way through for the whole story line, or pick a random koan. You won’t be sorry.
  • High Scalability
    • A blog on scalability. To much advertising but the guest write-ups on system design are not to be missed. If you ever wanted to know the architecture of large enterprise systems this is a great place to go!
  • IT Hare
    • I cannot say enough good about this blog. As far as low level programming looking at times of register operations, or socket programming, this guy is awesome.


  • The Expanse Series; It’s a great book and TV series about the future. Filled with semi realistic ideas about space travel and humans in the solar system. It has increasing amounts of alien tech as the series continues, but that doesn’t diminish the book.



  • Algebraic Graph Theory (Cambridge University Text)
    • Great introduction to algebraic graph theory, readable at the level of a sophisticated undergrad. If you’ve taken linear algebra then most of this book will be readable, the last section looking a little at groups.
  • Fundamental Theory of Operator Algebras (Ringrose)
    • Ever wish to know how linear infinite dimensional linear spaces really look? This book tells all you should need to know. The first chapter discusses Functional Analysis and builds from there. Each chapter builds on the last and shows how incredibly complex analysis and algebra can blend together.
  • Complex Analysis (Lang)
    • I think this is a great book on complex analysis. Well written and goes over the important aspects. Made me love power series! My wife really likes Conway’s book. To be honest it’s probably due to the fact I learned out of Lang and she learned out of Conway. Both are worth a look!