Week n With Two Baby

The last few weeks has been about 2 little kids, and a very tired Wenwen. In the last post I discussed how Lyra felt sad no longer being the only child. I thought I’d give an update on how life was going. Again, there is no programming in this post, I haven’t done any programming in the last few weeks, and only a smidgeon of math.

Lyra is feeling much better about being an older sister. She watches for her sister to cry and will run up to me and say “sisters crying”. She has even helped changed a diaper on occasion. She will come up and hug Faye. 

That being said, she does miss having more one-on-one time. When Wenwen finishes teaching, she has to feed Faye. Lyra will come up to me and say “Dada, hold sister”. When Wenwen brings her to bed she will say “Dada tired” so I will join them (despite having to hold Faye instead). She is an amazing sister!

Faye is still in the Eat, Sleep, Poop phase of baby-dom. She has gas, cries, and does all of the normal baby stuff. She still seems like a very quiet newborn, but as everyone tells me, she’s her own self. 

Two weekends ago my mom and aunt Berta came to help us move out of our old condo. We will (someday?) be moving into our new house, but the court is taking forever to okay the sale. Beware probate!

Finally, a giant thanks to my (and Wenwen’s) advisor: Don Hadwin. He came over and stood out the window to talk to Lyra and Faye. He is also letting us stay with him as we attempt to buy a new house. I’m continually indebted and thankful to you. I hope we can do some math soon!

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